What do you think of when you hear the word “strong”? Do images of athletes with bulging muscles fill your mind? Maybe you picture a wrestler. Perhaps a football player comes to mind.

Of course, big muscles aren’t really necessary to be strong. Physically, your body is made up of hundreds of muscles. Some are tiny and some are large. But they don’t have to be as big as balloons to make you a strong person.

Many people who eat right and exercise regularly are physically strong. They might not look like a bodybuilder, but their muscles are in tip-top shape. Their physical strength might surprise you, because they might not look like you usually expect a really strong person to look like.

Keeping your muscles in good shape is an important part of being healthy. Your muscles help your body get around and function like it should. If you want to feel your best, don’t neglect your muscles. Eating the right foods and getting plenty of exercise will keep your muscles in good condition.

You don’t need to lift weights or do special exercises to stay healthy. If you want to lift weights or develop stronger muscles in a particular part of your body, talk to your parents and ask them to help you come up with a plan to meet your health goals.

Being a strong person can be about much more than just physical strength, though. Some of the strongest people you know might be physically weak. How can they be strong then? They may instead possess great mental or emotional strength.

Different people can be strong in different ways. If you’re not an athlete with big muscles, you might instead by a star student with great grades. Or you could be a super friend who listens well and is treasured by many friends and relatives.

Brain power and emotional awareness are key strengths that not everyone has. Those athletes with the big muscles? They may be physically strong, but mentally and emotionally weak. Or they could also be great students who are good friends, too.

Each person is unique. We all have individual strengths that we need to discover and develop. We’re all born with certain strengths that we can improve upon. If you’re smart but want to be physically strong, too, then use your brain to learn the things you need to do to reach your goals.

Likewise, if you’re physically strong and want to be smarter, use your physical strength to keep your body going while you stay up later and work harder to get better grades. The important thing to realize and remember is that you are strong. Now get going identifying and using your strengths!

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