Have you ever thought how powerful kid questions are about the world?

My little sister, Charlotte asks lots and lots of questions. She asks me things like: Why do puddles go away? How come the moon follows our van? Do cheetahs get tired when they run? How come Muma always beeps her car lock 4 times?

Sometimes her questions are super easy to answer, like the last one. Mum beeps the car lock four times because she likes even numbers and it's a bad habit. Other questions leave me stumped. My favorite thing to do is to ask Siri some of Charlotte's questions, but LOTS of time even Siri doesn't know the answer!

Charlotte's questions make me think about the world and when I think, I also wonder. I wonder BIG things and small things. Almost always my wondering leads me to investigating something more deeply. Questions are just THAT powerful.

And, here's the thing about little kids -- they never think any question is dumb. They just ask and ask and ask. When Charlotte asks me questions, she thinks I can help her find the answer. I have such an important job. I am Charlotte's wonder buddy! A wonder buddy is not someone in charge of finding answers; a wonder buddy is in charge of keeping the wonder going!

So, that's what I hope I am for all of you -- I want to be your wonder buddy! I am so excited to be the first kid ambassador for Wonderopolis, and I hope my posts can help you feel the power of questions, the power of being curious, and the power of WONDER! I hope what I share here makes you connect with your students and encourage their wonder inside and outside the classroom. I hope you read my posts and think, "Liv helps me stay curious about the world!"

So, let's keep the wonder going today and everyday! Let's wonder BIGGER! Let's wonder so much that we fill the world with questions! Then, let's wonder some more!

I'm so happy to be your wonder buddy!