[This post was originally posted on TheLivBits 5/28/17]

Lately, lots of teachers have asked me what my plan is for summer reading. I always think this is a funny question because my MAIN plan is to just READ! Even though my summer is super busy with lots of ballet (I am doing summer intensives in Chicago and NYC), I'll still have lots of time to do what my mum calls lingering around books.

Lingering means taking time to read lots of things that are interesting and fun with no real reason except to feed your brain with fun facts and joy! Since so many people have asked me for advice, I thought I'd write down a list with a few tips for summer reading.

Have an "I DID IT!" Pile
Collect books you hope to read this summer in a big pile. Put them in a place where you love to read. As you read the books, move the books from the "TO BE READ" pile to the "I DID IT" pile! It's so fun seeing your books move from one pile to the next!

Create a Word Journal
I love, love, love to learn new words! I keep track of fun, silly, and interesting words in a word journal. I love to see evidence of all the words I collect over the summer all in one place! Words make me happy!

Make Room for Picture Books
Lots of times, and especially when you get older, teachers put together summer reading lists for kids and almost ALWAYS when you are older they are ALL chapter books. But, guess what? Picture books are important too, even if you are an older reader! I read sooooo many picture books and I get super inspired by topics I find there. Sometimes, a good picture book LEADS me to a chapter book on the same topic because I want to learn even more! I say make sure you have LOTS of picture books in your summer book pile!

Reread Old Favorites
My mum always takes pictures of all of us with our summer reading piles. If we don't own the books we want to read, she takes a picture of the books we write on a list so we can get them from the library. This year my brother, Quinn is rereading all his old favorites by Roald Dahl. When I saw his stack of books, it reminded me that I love some of those books too! Rereading can make you remember old feelings you had and can inspire you to grow your thinking in new ways.

Start a Summer Reading Project
A really good book can motivate you to take on a cause or focus on a passion you have. Lots of times kids don't think their voice matters when it comes to big ideas. But, that's not true! After reading Heather Lang's book, Swimming with Sharks, I was inspired to contact her and start a contest with her for kids to share their love of sharks AND bring awareness to shark conservation. I am also super inspired by Kate Parker's bookStrong is the New Pretty. At first, I dreamed of having my picture taken by her, but since that is probably impossible, I decided that I could take my own pictures this summer. I want to show the world that ballerinas aren't all fluff and tutus. Ballerinas are strong, athletic, and fierce! While I am at my ballet intensives, I am going to document this and share the pictures on my website.

If I had to show my summer reading plans in hashtags, it would look like this:

I hope you'll create your summer book plans in hashtags, too and share them with me! I wish you lots of book lingering, loving, and learning this summer!

Keep Reading! Keep Thinking! And, thank you for following LivBit!